Easy Hairstyles Step By Step Dailymotion


Hair styling requires lot more effort and time to master various hair styles. Hair stylists spend their whole lives to discover impressive and fashionable trendy hairstyles. The hair style that we are going to learn today is not that simple but we will try to make it simpler for you. One of the requirements to adopt this hairstyle is that you must have long and straight hairs to have the better look.

Divide your hairs in different bunches and fix them using either clamper or rubber band.

Now make small pony at the tail and for the top as well you need to encircle the hairs and tie them together.

Now take one from the side and pull them back slightly folding in rounds.

These rounds should go till the end and should be disappeared in the bunch.

Likewise take the other side and make small curls near the neck.

To finish the look you keep hairs at their place using the nail clips which you can pick as per trend or availability.

Your party look is ready and you can pick this hair style for any of your wardrobe selection. It’s going to be perfectly matching with every outfit you try.