Elegant Half Up Half Down Hairstyles Tutorial


Most of the females are comfortable in doing only one or two types of hair styles and that’s the reason they need to visit the parlour before every party evening. If some of them have learned something as per their interest in fashion and glamour then as well they do hair styling which takes the same side flow always. Today we will be learning a typical hair style as its name suggests some of the hairs will be going up and as a counterpart we will send some to down.

First apply hair spray to make them more shiner and comfortable to comb.

From the top make two bunches with very little hair in each and get them attach at the back and slightly crossed to each other.

Now one more time apply some more spray and comb hairs straight to bring them downwards.

Now your hairs should be hanging at the back with a crossed interaction on your head.

This makes it this very unique and elegant half up half down hairstyle. I hope you have enjoyed learning this along. Practice it few more times until you get perfect hands on it.