Elegant Short Hair Bob Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


If you are having short hairs and always found yourself troubling around to choose the perfect hairstyle to choose, we can help you. Today we are taking the hairstyle which is definitely for the short hairs and you can be more confident and trendy with this hairstyle.

First apply the hair straighter to clear all the fuzzy hair and for smooth handling.

Comb your hairs sideways right above your ears both sides leaving a large group in the middle.

Now fix the side hairs with the help of hairs clips as we will be working on the middle section.

Now hold all hairs in hand and make a round of all in clockwise direction. This will leave you with a common tail at the back.

Now from the sideways we will be making multiple tails and each of them will be ending with the first tail.

Lastly leave some hairs to hang around the ears and hide the tail into the hairs.

Your bob bun hairstyle is completed and have compacted your short hairs even more limited. Now it never looks like short hairs.