Eyeliner Styles for Big Eyes - Makeup Tutorial


A small tint of eyeliner can done miracle for your big bold eyes. Big eyes require a lot of makeup stuff and the time for the same. You need be very regular on picking the perfect makeup for your eyes to look the world more beautifully. Today we are giving you small tutorial on eye lining style for big eyes. It doesn’t take much effort and pretty simple to learn and apply.

Start by making a thick outline for your upper eye lash using the black pencil.

Now use the golden color to draw just beneath your eyebrow and keep it thick at the outer boundary and make it thin and smooth as it moves towards inside.

Now pick the red and start at the middle of upper eye lash to bring the red color towards outside and crosses it with the yellow.

Now the final touch, similarly make an outline of the lower lash line as well using the golden color.

At the near nose boundary give a small pinch of red and make it more pointed.

Now it’s time to glare yourself in the mirror, once you have impressed with yourself let other also see the magic.