Fake a Fish Braided Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


Fake Fish Braided Bun hairstyle is the combination of having braids and buns on the same style. You might consider it tough seeing at the photographs but as we take on this tutorial you will find it quite easy if you go along.

As always it is better to comb your hairs before starting any hair style.

Comb your hairs along the side to make a solid line visible on the middle from top of head to your back of neck.

Now attach the clips to hold the hairs on both sides while we will be working on the remaining hairs.

The hairs left at the top and middle, we will be making the fishtail by crossing the two portions of hairs together.

Further attach an elastic at the bottom to leave the little hair bunch.

Now take the side ways and make two braids, one on each side.

Uphold the fish tail behind your neck and hide it within the big bunch.

Likewise attach the two side braids to make the style in place.

Finally spray the hair spray to make them thicker and glue in place.