Feminine Gorgeous Big Head Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


How about trying the big head bun hairstyle today? Don’t panic we will tell you how to do that. Just sit relax and we will take care of everything. We will tell you right from the beginning considering you as absolute beginner. So here it goes.

First straight your hairs keeping them on both sides. You can do this simply by hands no need of using comb.

Sides them away so that scalp line is visible in the middle.

Now keep the back hairs in your hand and fold them rolling towards your head.

Apply the clip to keep them in place and make sure there is no hair hanging out.

Now take the hairs from left and guide them to the center at back and fix with the clip likewise you did earlier.

Repeat the same step for the right hand side as well.

Now all your hairs are ending up at the back and aligned using the clip which is hidden in hairs too.

You should give yourself a tap on the back because you have did this all. Just roam out of your room and let the family members urge you to tell them how you did that?