Freckled Fox Ponytail Hair Tutorials


The other name of the freckled fox ponytail hairstyle is inspired texture hairstyle. It is the latest in trends and you will not find so many people knowing about it but once you will show them they will definitely urge you to make them learn how you do that.

We will be starting by spraying some dry shampoo on your hairs.

Now use your fingers to gently help it to reach the scalp of your head.

Comb your hairs in the middle and make exactly perfect line to divide hairs in piece of two, one on the right and other on the left.

Now from the top half you need to get some of the hairs towards the back of your head and tie them along.

Now use your fingers to comb your top hairs and tie them back using the hair tie.

Now once again you need to spray some of the hairspray and it’s time for some pony in the picture.

Use another hair tie and make a small pony over the large pony and wrap it around the big one.

Your freckled fox ponytail hairstyle is ready.