French Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas And Tutorial


Nails are just tiny parts of your body and you cannot neglect these saying that these are not having any essential need. Nails can add up to your glamour with more dashing and stylish design art. Now a day nail is most popular trend and girls are seen to curious to choose the perfect design idea which can suite their wardrobe along with the event they are celebrating.

French Christmas nail art design is yet another simple nail art which you can perfectly make at home.

Just prepare an outline on your nail about the part you want to apply color and cover the rest using any tape or anything suitable.

At the border use the silver lining to highlight the edge.

Gently apple the color or your choice and now remove the cover from rest part.

With the help of glitters add some extra effects like stars, and sparkles which will shine in the dark.

Set the nail paint to dry and to set properly.

I hope you will be noticed by the crowd on the occasion and will be much appreciated. You can modify the art using different color combinations.