Funny Skulls Nail Art Design Step By Step Tutorial


Skulls are not funny and attractive as we have seen in various horror movies they also gives sweating threat and increased heart beats but this time we are playing with skulls and making them little funny to apply to your nails. Yes we are talking about nail art design in which we will be drawing skulls on nails. We will cover each and every step of it so just sit relax and follow the steps.

First apply the blue nail paint on your nail. You need to completely fill the nail.

Now using black paint you have to draw a line just on the boundary where your nail extends from the figure size.

Draw two horizontal lines as well along the above line.

On the first black line, make five thick black points which will extend a bit in height and breadth as well.

On these points drop white bubbles using the white color paint, this is actually mouth for skull.

Now on the region over the line draw to flowers, outline with black which will be looking like eyes.

Now go on to add as many fancy and funky look you can give using sparkles because we have to make skull funny enough.