Glitter Trick Nail Art Design and Tutorial


Glitters are shiny and funky stuff. Not only on the papers are they equally brilliant on your nails too. How about some fun with glitters over your nails and I am pretty sure that firstly you going to impress yourself after doing this and then rest of the world. Just relax and read further, as we are going to tell you yet another simple and trendy nail art using glitters.

Apply a little of the glitter to your nail.

You need not to cover the full nail. Just one fourth of the full nail is well enough to give you the impression.

Wait for some time until it gets dry.

Now apply black polish first at the lower border of the glitter.

Now on both corners of the glitter. Here no need to draw straight lines just be a little curvy.

Now finally make some impression in the middle as well which will be touching the top of nail.

Brilliant!! This is the word you going to scream as it finished up. Your nails are pretty much shining now and definitely your friends will be asking for the tips as well. Be prepared!!!