Gorgeous and Geometrical Nail Art Design Step By Step Tutorial


How about adding some geometric figures to your nails? Nails look pretty decent and attractive with the geometric shapes and give a real fresh look. Today we are going to tell you a gorgeous geometrical nail art design which is more attractive than its name and fairly simple in terms of steps. You don’t need to worry about anything we will tell you each and every step. You will be requiring black and white nail paint.

First you need to apply the white on to the nails.

We will not cover the whole nail but will be leaving a big “V” in the middle opening upside.

Now wait for it to dry and settle down properly.

Now leaving a little line of the white you need to overlap the shape with black.

When you will finish we will be having an empty “V” in the middle then “V” with white paint and finally finishing with black.

Doesn't it look cool? It is one of the design ideas you can get more creative by creating different suitable shapes which you are comfortable with and are easy to draw. Good Luck!!!