Half Up Rose Braided Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


Half up rose braided bun is the latest hairstyle trend and it looks like fairy style. It is not that tough as the name suggests. We will tell you simple steps to make it for you. You will be requiring a rubber band to give the required shape.

Just comb your hairs all back gently.

Now apply a rubber band to few on the above and leave the rest as it is.

From the banded hairs, make two parts and folds them gently along their way.

After folding both the branches cross them to each other to make a rough lanyard.

Now circle the single bunch across the rubber band to form rose shape.

Tag the tail gently across the ring so that it is not visible.

Your rose braided bun is ready to impress the audience and it hardly takes 5 minutes to achieve it all. In beginning it might seem tough to get into shape, but with regular practice you can master the art. One mandatory thing to have is that your hairs should be properly combed and all straight so that it doesn't look like mesh.