How to Apply Ombre Lipstick Lips Perfectly - Makeup Tutorial


Not everyone around knows how to apply lipstick perfectly and that the main reason that doesn’t looks so appealing. We have given our time, our efforts and our beauty kit but then as well looking so ordinary. Today we will telling you step by step tutorial on how to perfectly apply ombre lipstick so that you will be looking perfect different and special than ordinary days.

First we will be starting by applying the concealer. Apply the concealer evenly on your both lips.

Now pick the wonka and gently apply all across.

Here the middle of your lips will be light colored so don’t apply wonka in the middle part of both your lips.

Now we will pick sorbet and blend it softly.

Look yourself in the mirror and clean if any spill is there.

You are done!!! Congratulations, you have done it pretty nicely and today even you are impressed with your appealing lips. Don’t misuse them as the people around might get confused and amazed with your looks. Enjoy the party where everyone will be gazing at you and you have to simply smile back to make the evening.