How to Do Different Braids - Hairstyle Tutorial


When it comes about braids in hair styling, these are the most crucial artistic thing that an experienced hair stylist can perform. But don’t worries today we will also make you do this at your own. Braids have a wide range of styling and all different textures can be performed, all it takes is the creativity and perfection of the stylist.

Start by combing your hairs back and attaching with the help of elastic band.

Now from the bunch pick few hairs and roll them around the elastic to make the tie more broad and thick.

Now from the hanging hairs you need to make 3-4 thin hair tails and all you need to do is nest them around the main tail.

Bring them down by crossing around the main tail and they should form a nest of crossed tails.

In the end the next should terminate in a thin tail hanging on the main pony and perfectly attached to the main bunch.

Your hair braid is all done and as we have said, you have done this. Give yourself a tap on the back for this superb effort, you are just way awesome!!