How to Perfectly Apply Lipstick Step By Step


Ombre denotes color that fades from dark to light. In this tutorial, we will help you get this look where the outer color will be magenta and will fade to an inner cream color. The steps are-

Clean your lips to create a neutral base. You can use a lip primer to get perfectly smooth and creaseless lips.

Draw a V on the Cupid’s bow with your magenta lipstick. However, you can use any other shade of your liking.

Cover the outer lip line with your lipstick. You can also use a lip pencil in similar shade.

Draw a wider outline with the magenta lipstick.

Cover the entire upper lip with the lipstick.

Repeat the same for the lower lip.

You now have the both the lips colored with this gorgeous shade.

Apply a cream lipstick in middle of the lower lip.

Repeat the same for the upper lip.

Purse your lips to get a slightly smudgy look.

The cream lipstick will have spread out to the lower and upper lip without looking too made up.

Your look is complete. Dazzle everyone with this gorgeous lip art.