Kiwi Manicure Nail Art Tutorial


Drawing fruit shapes on your nails can give more natural and fresh look to your nails. We have seen so many tutorials on drawing various seasonal fruits on your small nails. Today we will guide you on how you can make kiwi manicure nail art using this small tutorial.

First fill your nail using the green nail paint.

You need to color it fully without any void in the middle.

Once the nail paint is dry, pick the white and make a rectangular block in the middle of the nail.

After that we will be drawing the inner white linings that we see in kiwi.

You will see that white lines are overlapping on the rectangle and making an odd look. Once again apply the same white paint on the rectangular part.

Now on the white lines we have drawn, we will be putting some seeds.

Since seeds are black in color, we will be using black nail paint and put black dots to fill the white lines.

Let the whole are completely dry and then your nails will be glittering with the green kiwi to give more fresh and clean look.