Large Jelly Candy Bun Hairstyle Step By Step Tutorial


Large Jelly candy bun hairstyle is a bit tricky one but you need not to worry because we are going to tell you all this from the beginning. All you have to do is just do along us because reading whole and applying later will not work so come along us and do what we are saying.

Comb your hairs to pull them straight to back.

Hold them all using the rubber band at the back which somewhat looks like pony.

Now hold your pony straight up and shuffle the hairs to create a mesh standing against the elastic ribbon.

At the top once again apply another elastic band.

Now put that whole mesh down and encircle the tail around the first elastic.

Guide the tail to pass around your first elastic and then hide it pulling back at the top.

Your jelly candy bun hairstyle is all ready and yes it is large jelly candy bun hairstyle. So now tell, was it that much tough as its name suggests. Congratulate to yourself because you have learned a new hairstyle and with few more attempts you will perfectly master it.