Long Hair French Twist Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


Every girl wishes for long hairs but those who have long hairs only knows how difficult it is to maintain and take care of these. Long hairs are most prone of breaking and requires adequate protein to remain nourished. What makes long hairs attractive is the choice of choosing a variety of hairstyle to pick from. If you have long hairs you can fold them to adopt short hairstyle also. Today we will be doing French twist bun hairstyle.

First get your hairs straighten so that it is easy to work on them.

Now hold them all together and start folding in anti-clockwise direction.

Don’t folds too tight, now fix the hairs around neck and the tailing hairs should be rounded around the bunch in the middle?

So now you are having twisted bun at the back of your head while some curls are hanging on your face to increase the overall appearance.

Isn’t it looking fascinating now? You have turned into French model using this French twist bun hairstyle and hardly has it taken 10 minutes. Now practice this number of times to master it perfectly.