Lovely Heart Nail Art Design Step By Step Tutorial


To get this flirtatious and adorable look, follow these steps-

This design looks best on longer nails. So, either grow your nails long or use artificial nails. Color the entire nail plate in latte cream color. You can use any other color as well.

Color the free edge and the sides of the nail in pink nail color.

Draw a heart in black nail varnish on the free edge. Color the sides with the same black varnish.

Highlight the heart and the sides intermittently with gold nail varnish.

Create a loop inside the heart with black and gold nail polish.

Cover one portion of the heart in shimmery gold nail polish.Cover the circle created inside the heart with shimmery hot pink nail varnish. Paste a cobalt blue gem in center of the circle or let a droplet of cobalt blue nail varnish fall in the center.

Paste three gems on the side of the heart in copper color or let 3 droplets of copper nail varnish fall on the side of the heart.

Put a little black nail varnish on top of copper gems or polish. Make a white circle on the base of the nail and encircle it with the latte cream nail varnish.