Matte Pastel Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial


Matte Pastel Nail art is the simple two color combination which allows you to create the multicolor nail art design on the single nail. It uses the strip tape to create the boundary between the two colors which you can feel afterwards. This nail art gives you the choice to decorate each nail with a different color proportion which makes it more unique and trendy. Follow us with the step by step tutorial to learn it along the way.

Paint the lower half of your nail with the orangey nail paint keeping a smooth finishing line.

To the upper half use the light green color to fill it completely.

At the joining point of two colors, apply the sparking strip tape to give shiny look.

On other remaining fingers you can create custom shapes as you would like to place the tape.

Depending on the area thus created, fill the two colors which might give you triangular or horizontal or even zig zag art.

Your matte pastel nail art is finished quite nicely and you have collaborated to make this happen. Try you own creativity to make more fun shapes.