Multi Knit Bow Braid Hairstyle Step By Step


Multi knit bow braid is the most confusing hairstyle for the absolute beginners and they don’t find a way to begin and so they skip it to apply. If you are the one who believes in learning and have much courage to follow us patiently then we are going to tell you step by step tutorial on how you can get your own multi knit bow braid hairstyle.

Comb your hairs both sides, making a straight line of scalp visible in the middle of your head.

Now grab the hairs and make a big braid on both sides. This way you will be having two braids on over each ear.

Now use the hair pins and you need to pull out each turn from the braid to give it a knit kind look.

Follow this throughout the length of the braid so that you will be having multiple knits on a single braid.

Same ways on the other side also, repeat the steps.

One more thing your braids should be ended up in a common tail.

So join them along behind your neck to complete the style.