One Moon Dot Nail Polish Step By Step


Moon is associated with dreams and romance. A moonlit night is a lover’s delight. A half Moon Dots Nail Art can make you appear wistful and contemplative. It will also make you look dreamy and mystifying. Follow these steps to get this otherworldly look-

Apply a base color in sky blue.

Cover the nail in a nail polish of indigo color in such a way so that the lower base of the nail is left out in a convex semi-circle. This will create a dual-tone as the lower semi-circle will be sky blue with the upper portion of the nail will be indigo.

Cover the intersection of the indigo and sky blue nail colors with a white circle in the center and two smaller circles on either side. Create two more circles towards the tip of the nail with the larger circle near the base. You can do this either by letting a droplet of white nail polish fall on the nail or by applying with the help of a brush.

Create inner circles inside the white circle with pine green nail polish. You can also use any other color of your choice.

Your new look is complete!