Outline Bubble Nail Art Tutorial


Outline bubble is the perfect blend of colors when you love to play with multiple colors. In outline bubble we usually uses two color nail paints to bring out the art. In this tutorial we are going to make one outline bubble nail art, we will be using green along with black to make the art successful.

First you need to paint your nail in green using the green nail paint.

Wait for some time until it gets dry.

Now pick the black nail paint and start applying it across the edges from one side.

Use the same procedure to apply it all across your nail keeping the middle green color safe.

While doing this makes the black color fall a bit inside from all corners, in this your skin will also be black.

Now get your skin clean and remove the excess black color from around the nail.

Now the art will be having green filled nail surrounded by the boundary in black.

Now it’s time to make it shine.

Apply the shiner which will be of light green to make the effect more realistic and catchy.