Perfect Cat Eyes Makeup at Home


No one matches eyes with the cat but people will not be able to distract their eyes once you apply this cool and fashionable cat eye makeup for your eyes. If you have brown eyes then it is the plus to apply this makeup. We will be adding extra glamour to your beautiful eyes with the help of this easy to pick makeup and definitely it is easy to pick which hardly takes 10 minutes of your dressing.

We will be starting with the eyeliner. Pick the eyeliner and start applying it on to the upper lash line just above the eyeball line.

Starting from the inner edge we will take it towards right end and at the boundary we will elongate it a bit.

Keeping the inner edge thin we will be focusing more on the outer edge and will make it comparatively thick.

Your brown eyes are now shining like a cat with the black boundary.

Now you yourself catch it how many actually matches eyes with you and how many are able to keep of their eyes from you. Now experiment more with the matching dress to look even more gorgeous.