Pucker Up Gloss Lips at Home


Some trends remain legendary to each area of our lives and so as with the beautification. From the time it has evolved, lip glosses have maintained their significance in the makeup we do today. If you are in a hurry and don’t have pretty much time to prepare yourself then just apply lip gloss and you are ready to go. Today we will tell you the exact way of applying the lip gloss to look even prettier.

First start with the Vaseline. Vaseline gives a base and removes the dry wrinkles from the lips. It is better to properly moisturize the lips before apply lipstick.

Now using the lip liner we will be preparing the outline of your lips. Pick the lip liner that exactly matches with your lips natural color.

Start from the upper lips and go on as per your lips shape.

Now pick the lip gloss and gently apply it onto your lips to give them the glossy look.

Every girl loves glossy lips and wants to create the spark with their lips. So now you can properly apply the lip gloss and give your lips the much awaiting shinier feel.