Quilted Heart Nail Art Design Step By Step


This one is the cutest nail art design because we are actually going to be a little comic by drawing a cartoon character. Let’s move on to the steps how to do it.

Using the yellow paint make an upside down heart outline at the center of the nail. Make sure to make it a big enough.

Now fill the entire outline with the same color. So now you will be having a yellow heart at the center.

Now using the black paint try to join the lower end of heart to the end of the nail. Now it should look like a locket hanging with black thread.

In the middle you have to draw the face of the creature.

First place the eyes to give an early impression.

Continue drawing face and eye brows to look more natural.

Now it’s up to you how good you are in drawing and how better you can picture it.

Congratulations!!! Your quilted heart nail art is ready. Go ahead to make the same on rest of the nails and get the applause from your friends and loved ones definitely they will like this.