Snow Nail Polish Tutorial


Everyone loves to play with snow. What about playing with snow on your nails? This snowy outlook can a fun along with the fashion trend. Today we will be drawing the most popular snowy on your nails giving them the perfect white and snow feel.

In order to make the snowy clearly visible the base color should be dark so we are going with purple here.

Apply purple nail paint fully covering your nail.

Wait for some time until it gets dry and sets perfectly.

Now start making a circle in the middle that will be the face of our character.

Now make the stomach and make sure this character is snowy so color we are using is white, we don’t have any other alternative.

Now around the neck we will be making a ribbon with red paint.

Now it’s time to draw its eyes and dress him up by drawing buttons for his costume.

Now using the yellow draws its nose and over the top provides him a cap in red.

Hurray!!! Your own snowy is waving hands to you and ready to play with you. Congratulations for this brilliant art.