Snowflakes Nail Art Design Step By Step


Can you imagine snowflakes can also be drawn using the nail paints on to your nails?? Obviously you might be puzzled on how to start and how you can get it done. In this tutorial we will be sharing with you a unique and new nail art in which we will be drawing snowflakes. Considering you as complete beginner we will be talking about each step.

Start by putting small black dot in the middle of your nail.

Now draw two vertical lines, one above the dot and one below of it.

Now in horizontal you need to draw few more dots identical to the middle one but small in size. Drop some dots on both sides of middle dot.

Now draw some more lines, one on each side of the vertical lines we have stretched before.

Now it’s time to give some genuine look.

Here you can use your own imagination on how you want your snowflakes to be like.

You are all done with cute snowflakes on your nails. Your nails are now shining more bright because of your efforts. Congratulations!!! You have learnt one more nail art.