Stick Trick Fiery Nail Art Tutorial


As the name suggests sticking trick is done with the help of little sticks that you use for the fruit salad. It is completely amazing experience to see the color drops converting to a fairy mystery which looks prettier as it is mixed. If you are curious enough to know how it can be done, we are here to tell you step by step procedure.

You will be required red and yellow nail polish and a few sticks.

First apply the yellow polish covering the whole nail and don’t just apply it firmly you need to apply a bit more to mix with the red polish.

Now put a drop of red polish in the middle of the yellow heap.

With the help of the stick, spread the red color within the yellow circumference and you can use your complete creativity to make it a more complex puzzle as you want.

But make sure you don’t take much of the red towards the top so that you can leave a perfect impression of solid yellow at the tip.

Let the mixture dry and the fiery trick reveals as it shines.