Stunning Red Lips Makeup Step By Step


Your lips are the most attractive part of your body. It reflects the confidence of the fashion you are holding and you deliver your even more beautiful smile. When it comes about fashion and beauty skills, lips comes first in the list because they are simpler to care and very easy to apply the latest trends. Today in this tutorial we will tell you step by step procedure on how you can make your lips look stunning. So sit relax and follow steps along with us.

The very first thing when you are going to apply lipstick is to apply the lip balm as it creates the moisture and removes dry wrinkles.

Now prepare an outline of your both lips using the matching color pencil. Preparing a boundary will make it easy to apply the lipstick within the area.

Now once outline is prepared, time to fill it with red.

Choose the lipstick and start filling the spaces.

As you finish you will be having complete red and stunning lips.

Give yourself a bright smile and then dress up for the evening. Today you will be looking beautiful amongst all, have fun!!