Surprising Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial


Breaded ponytail is considered as the toughest hairstyle because of its look but it is not that tough as it looks. Yes it is true that it really takes considerable time but the impact it gives afterwards is worth of its time. So today we will master you in making braided ponytail hairstyle at home. Just do the steps along with us to master it perfectly.

Divide your hairs in three i.e. One of left, on right and at back.

Comb properly so that you can see three different portions.

Now bind along the middle portion and bind them together folding around. Hope it is pretty simple for you.

Now take some hairs from left and right and align them together with the fold with the help of clip.

Repeat the same step coz we have to make 3 such loops.

Now all your hairs are stretched towards back and are join at back commonly.

With the last few hairs roll them around the pony to give a threaded impression and keeping all in place.

Congratulations!!! Your breaded pony tail hairstyle is ready for you and you are ready to surprise everyone comes your way.