Timeless Quick Bold Lips - Makeup Tutorial


Your bold lips can be the perfect complement for any fashion trend. You can dress yourself the way you like and then complete the thing with the stunning bold looking lips. If you are absolutely new to this term and don’t have any idea on how to do it then sit relax as we are going to take a short tutorial on making bold lips in just a quick time.

First apply a lip balm on to your lips to make them smoother.

Now dip the concealer brush into the foundation and prepare an outline to your lips.

Preparing an outline is good because it doesn’t let you spill outside the lips.

Now pick a pencil that almost resembles with the natural color of your lips.

Now slowly start filling the area within the outline, you better start with the lower lips to get the strength.

Now when you are done the lower lip, it’s time to play with the upper lip.

Gently apply the dark red lipstick to match the foundation and your lower lip.

Your bold lips are ready to complement your outfit and are ready to be shown.