Watermelon Nail Art Fruity Idea Step By Step Tutorial


Watermelon nail are is perfect idea to give you a fruity feel, especially in the summers. It requires a combination of green and white colors to resemble the physical watermelon.

You need to first paint your nail with the lime green.

Once it is dried and completely set apply the white polish. Make sure you do not cover the whole leaving a line of the lower part of the nail.

This time you need to repeat the step 2 with the pink polish, but keep in mind to give a gap in between pink and white as we did in case of green and white to give the clear impression.

Once it all dries you need to add the watermelon seeds. For the seeds we will be using black polish just as seeds only.

Once it is done just apply topcoat and your having watermelon on your nails.

Watermelon art is very much attractive and yet easy drawing idea. This time we might not recommend to experiment with the different colors since watermelons are found in green color only with red inside. Continue your creativity and let the fun begin.