Whole Twisted Bun Updo - Hairstyle Tutorial


Whole twisted bun looks perfect if you have some golden color patches in your hairs which give it a two color blend. We will be making whole twisted bun updo which is a mixture of ponytail, bun, braid and some creativity along. Don’t get freaked with all that involved in this, we will be guiding you through all this in this tutorial.

Start by making a small bun over your head and leaving all the hairs lying over your neck to back.

Now make a traditional ponytail from the hairs hanging around.

Now it’s time for the braid. Split the ponytail into 2-3 sections and make slight thick braids from all of those. These are the simple braids and you just need to fold the hairs in one side only and attach them to the elastic at the back.

Now open up the bun you have created and make one more braid from the hairs over your ears and attach in the same bundle.

Likewise pull back the hairs from the top and fix them around the bunch which is a common junction of so many braids fixed together around the elastic.