An Easy Wet Top Knot Gym Hair Ideas


A gym goer finds it too difficult to maintain their hairs during the exercise or workouts. Many a time it happen when we bend down or move around our hairs gets on to our face and which distracts our concentration. So as a work around of this problem we are seeing a hair style idea which will keep your hairs in place and you will be focusing on your exercise terms. We have named it as wet top knot because in simple terms it is knotted wet hairs.

If your hairs are not wet, get them wet as it will be easy to tie knot.

Now using an elastic band put all your hairs in one bundle at the top of your head.

Now split the bunch in two parts and cross them with each other.

Same way repeat the crossing procedure to create one more knot over the other.

Now you will be having some hairs left behind which you need to wrap around the two knots and hide the leaving tail within the bunch.

This way your wet top knot is ready and you can do it pretty easily before going to gym.