Border Nails Manicure Tutorial


Generally we use solid dark nail polish and apply it completely covering the nail. If we like playing with the nail arts then we can have some custom design and patterns to suite to your styles but when it comes to preparing borders during manicure it is not that easy. Here we will let you know how you can prepare bordered nail manicure with this step by step tutorial.

We will be doing pink color nail polish with the white color border across the nails.

First apply the base coat so as to protect our nails from the chemicals of nail paints.

Now firmly apply the white nail paint covering it in full without leaving any void.

Now leave it for some time to properly set.

It’s time for the pink glory now. Pick the pink nail paint from your nail paint collection and start applying it on to your nails leaving a firm border around the corners of the nails.

Do it for rest of the nails and once finished you will see the symmetric pink surrounded by crystal white.

Your bordered nails manicure is ready having pink in between with solid white as borders.