Cool Ponytail for Medium Length Hair


Ponytail is the most basic and popular hairstyle in our cultures. We have seen this in many forms till now from our childhood and for all length hairs. Ponytail has the specialty to perfectly fit for each length hairs. You can perform the necessary adjustments in the hair length to make it fit for you. Today we will be doing ponytail hairstyle for the medium length hairs.

First comb all your hair to the back, to make them more smooth and easy to handle.

You need to left some hairs at the top side, which you need to hang over to your face right now.

From the left over hairs make a regular ponytail which will be tied with the elastic just below the top of the head.

Now pick the hairs you have left lying onto your face and pass them around the elastic of the ponytail to make it like the ponytail has been created with the hair used as band.

Your ponytail hairstyle is ready and it has cleverly adjusted the length to make it perfect for the medium length hairs. You can even do more modifications depending upon the height of the ponytail.