Curly Bun for Straight Hair - Tutorial


Everyone desires of having straight hairs and the reason behind is they are easy to shape into any hairstyle. You can mould them into any shape and style with a little effort and they acquire it for long without being disturbed. Today we are going to prepare curly bun specially designed for the straight hairs.

First you need to comb your hairs for easy handling.

Now keep the top half of hairs of your head tied with single elastic while the rest lying on the back of your neck should be made to form a ponytail.

Now this ponytail will be used to prepare the bun.

Fold back the hairs from the ponytail and make it a perfect round bun lying just above the elastic of ponytail.

Now release the hairs from the top of your head which you have kept for some time.

Grab the hair straightener and provide some curls to the hairs provided.

This way your bun will be hidden within the curly hair.

Your curly bun hairstyle is prepared quite nicely. The amount and quality of curls depends completely on you as per your choice.