Dynamic Colors Nail Art Design Tutorial


Dynamic colors nail art tutorial uses two colors and then mixes their proportions to create the dynamic color effect. The final art looks like the perfect design hand drawn but in actual it is the smart use of color at different place and with different intensity to create this. Here in this tutorial we will be using color combination of white and red to create the effect.

First coat your nails with the regular base coat to avoid any damage to your nails with the chemical colors contained in the nail paints.

Now first paint your nails in complete white.

We will be covering the whole nail, so as to create the symmetric or even white shade.

Now over the white drop 2-3 drops of the red nail paint.

Try to keep the dots a bit larger because we will be filling those dots further.

Now repeat with the white paint to drop same kind drops within the red circle but this time bit little to fit into the shape.

Using the sharp edge brush, spill the color within the boundary to create the realistic dynamic color effect.