Easy and Cute Top Bow Hairstyle


Whether it is summer or winter, bow hairstyle has nothing to do with the season. Bow hairstyle can be put in any season and with any wardrobe you choose. It is simple to achieve and takes only minutes to achieve. When you do it quite a few times, you will acquire more skill and then you will like it even more. Today we are taking you to step by step tutorial on making a bow hairstyle.

First you need to make a regular ponytail.

Now fold back this ponytail around the elastic so that you will be having folded hairs right above your top of head.

Now make the folded hairs a bit wider.

You need to roll back the hanging hairs within the folded bunch once and then hide the remaining tail below the bunch so as to complete the style.

Your bow hairstyle is ready. All you need now is to make some adjustments to look it even better.

You can put bow either in the middle or on any side of your head. Each time you will be having a new style to go with.