Easy Fancy Bun For Formal Events Hairstyle Tutorial


Hairstyle buns are traditionally followed by the teen girls and that is because of the medium length hairs. But now since trends have been changed and everyone looks for change a long hair girl can also have bun. For creating the buns either we use folded socks or doughnut.

First comb all your hairs to get them straight and smooth for the hair style.

Now put around an elastic band to hold hairs together.

Over the elastic band, place the folded socks and allows all the hairs to pass through it.

Here do it properly keeping in mind that we have to leave some hairs running below the bun that we don’t have to pass through the loop.

Now pick some hairs from the running hairs and two small portions from the hairs come out of the loop to create a thin braid.

The braid will be the simple criss-cross of the two hair sections.

Your braid should go around the bun and it should end in a tiny tail of hairs.

Hide the tail within the bun somewhere.

Your fancy bun is ready and you can attend your formal events for the evening.