Gorgeous Distract Braid Hairstyle Tutorial


So far you might have seen various braid hairstyles but this distract braid hairstyle is unique among them as it highlights each turn of your braid and makes it even more gorgeous. Today we are going to learn gorgeous distract braid hairstyle. We will be going through step by step.

First comb all your hairs straight back and leave some hairs at the top which you need to fix with the help of an elastic.

Now fold back those hairs towards your face and pick further hairs to bind with elastic.

Now keep the upper hairs in place and split in two parts. You need to pass the lower bunch between two parts.

The same way now put elastic to the lower tail combining these into one.

Now bring back the same upper bundle and same way split into two parts and pass through it the new bunch.

This way you will be having crossed hair bundles at each step fixed with the elastic.

Keep final last tail as it is keeping it in place with elastic.

This way you have completed gorgeous distract braid hairstyle and it is really gorgeous.