Gorgeous Pretty Bridal Hairstyles


Now a day it is trend for the bridal hairstyles and woman are ready to pay the desired amount to have the perfect hairstyle for the perfect event which is marriage. Today we seem it important to cover hence we are including this tutorial on having gorgeous pretty bridal hairstyle at your home.

First you need to separate few hairs while we will be working on some other portion.

Pick the hair clip and attach it at the top, hairs near the right ear.

Now the left over hairs which are swinging behind your neck make a traditional pony.

Now fold back the hairs from the pony to convert it into an awesome bun.

Now remove the clip from the top and loosen the hairs which will reach the bun length and now you have to apply the big clamp.

Now grab the hairs from left and right ear and make them over the bun to hide the clamp we have used in last step.

You will be having some front hairs lying across your cheeks.

Give them the beautiful curl to look more attractive and you are done.