Home Manicure Nail Art Ideas


The purpose of manicure is to clean your hands, make them look fairer and softer. Home manicure ideas are many but their application is very simple. Manicure can simply be done while you follow the following few steps especially when you do not wish to go to a beauty salon:

Remove your nail polish with the help of a nail polish remover.
Cut your nails or simply trim them with the help of a nail cutter.
Give a fine shape to your nails with the help of a filer.
Take a tub fill it with warm water and mix the following items in it- a good quality hand cleanser, mild shampoo, sea salt, a few drops of ammonia, a small cap of hydrogen.
Keep your hands inside the tub atleast for 15 minutes.
Massage your hands to remove any dead skin.
Scrub your hands with the help of a scrubber.
Then apply a good quality hand cream and massage gently.
You can also apply a home made pack on your hands with has a fruit pulp, lemon juice, rose water, turmeric and cucumber juice in it.

With this kind of homemade manicure you can achieve soft, fairer and nourished hands in simply spending some time with yourself in taking care of your hands.