Home Remedies to Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads from Face and Nose


Black heads can occur to any person of any age and these are surely against all your beauty. This one thing can make you feel uncomfortable and you should look for the treatments to remove this. Although in parlors they remove blackheads but many a times we might not feel comfortable because of the time or because of the budgetary things. So here we are presenting this tutorial on removing black heads using the do it yourself trick which you can perform at your home.

Cut a lemon in half using the knife.

Put few drops of the honey on to the lemon.

Now gently rub this piece on to your face or near nose, where you are having black heads.

For more clear scrub you can add little sugar but make sure it is not hurting you because of being hard.

Repeat this twice a week and you will be seeing the improved results then onwards.

Honey is considered as the best product for any skill related problems and here the main reason of putting honey is to heal the skin. While the vitamin C present in lemon nourishes your skin and gives freshness.