Homemade Sugaring Hair Removal Recipe


Sugaring hair removal is pretty similar to the waxing as it removes the hairs from the root itself. You might have used various beauty products to remove facial or body hairs and have managed to deal with that high pain during the hair removal but this sugaring technique can be so easy on hair removal and removes hairs so clearly. We use it either in form of paste or gel depending on the quality of finish you require. First we will be preparing the material for which we will be requiring 2 cups white cane sugar, ¼ cup lemon juice and ¼ cup water.

Pour all the ingredients in the pan and keep on the heat for some time. Make sure it doesn’t heat much as it will be sticking to the base.

Now drop the heat and keep it nearly 25 minutes to simmer.

As the time passes you will see the color of mixture getting dark by the time.

The final color of the perfect product will be dark amber like.

Now you can remove it from the heat and put in air tight container to cool.

Now clean your skin from all kinds of lotions and oils so as the paste doesn’t slides off the skin.

For better results you can put some baby powder on your skin.

Now gently apply the paste on to your skin to the opposite direction of hair grow.

After some time you can remove the paste using your other hand.

Your skin is now more brighten and fresh feeling. This all has been done without giving you pain.