How to Fishtail Braid Your Own Hair? - Hairstyle Ideas


Fishtail braid is the modified version of the normal braid hairstyle. Braids are the favorites for long hair girls and now fishtail braid has evolved as the most suitable hair style for beginners also. This is both trendy as easy to apply. If you still seeing it difficult to apply, then we will guide you on making fishtail braid using this step by step tutorial.

First comb your hairs back to straighten them and to make clearer.

Now make the regular ponytail by apply elastic to the hairs.

Don’t make it too high; keep it almost in the middle.

Now split the hairs after the elastic into multiple short segments and start threading them.

This will be going to have 4 threads for more clear finish.

Continue it till the end and in the last apply elastic to hold the tail hairs in place.

Now make the hairs turns a bit fluffy by spreading them apart in the braid.

This will increase the breadth of the fishtail braid to make it more beautiful and gorgeous.

Your very own fishtail braid is ready to give you the elegant look.