How to Lift Eyebrows Naturally? - Must Check!


I hope you might have found yourself in difficult situation when it comes about shaping and giving perfect look to the eyebrows. Recently we have covered a tutorial on shaping the eyebrows for the beginners and here once again we are bringing this to tell you how you can perfectly lift your eyebrows to give them extra gorgeous look. We will be using traditional eye brow brush for this.

After bath is the perfect time for trying because the hairs and skin will be wet and will not cause much irritation.

Since it is for the first time so after hair removal your skin will be looking much brighter so we need to apply some similar color cream also.

First brush your eyebrows up and out with the help of eyebrow brush.

You can use the brow powder along to make the hair removal smooth.

Use the tweezers and guide it softly the way you want to shape your eyebrows.

After this done, you need to apply some mascara firmly so as to match with the skin color.

You can also use the hairspray or gel to reduce the irritation.