Inspired Sun Flower Nail Art Design


Sun flower nail art design is one of the nail art with the natural feel. Having flower or leafs on to nails gives the eco-friendly look which makes you feel more elegant. For this nail art you will require nail paints of yellow, black and brown color along with some brushes to apply the nail paint. Base coat and top coat are additional along with all these.

First apply the base coat to your nails.

Now using the black nail paint, cover your nail with black completely. This black will work as the base color for the flower.

Now draw a flower in the middle using the yellow color nail paint.

In the middle you need to draw circle using the brown nail paint.

Now on another nail you can apply the yellow as base color and on top of it you can have black dots using the little sharp brush end.

Finally apply the top coat to secure the art for quite some time.

Your yellow color sunflower is smiling at you when you look at your nails. It is as natural as you are seeing it.