Mclovin Fish With Bubble Nail Art Design


Fishes are cute and it is always so peaceful to watch fishes playing in water. If you have aquarium installed at your home or office then you must have found yourself stopping during the day to have a glimpse of the so cute creatures. Today we are bringing that super cute creature on to your nails in this nail art tutorial.

Apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails before begin.

Now paint your nails in blue, using the blue nail paint and let it dry for some time.

Now pick the yellow nail paint and drop a big dot in the middle of the nail.

At back side try to draw wings of the fish using same yellow paint. Now you might be able to visualize the real fish.

Using the red nail paint, draw the mouth on the opposite of wings.

To create the eye we will be using combination of white and black.

Give your fish an eye to see the things.

Now draw few white bubbles just above the mouth so as to feel as she had created those during breathing.

Your nail art is finished. You can try different more color combinations to make this art more beautiful.